Hair transplant clinic in Mexico and Turkey

From 2.990 $

1) Maximum amount of grafts.
2)Leaders in hair transplants in Turkey and Mexico.
3) FUE Sapphire and DHI technique



At CapilClinic we have the definitive solution for your alopecia. our medical team are one of the best and most experienced specialist in implants, transplants and hair grafts.






A revolutionary technique designed to keep follicles off the scalp as little as possible during each operation, in order to ensure better results.


4.990 $
(Maximum amount of graft)
  • Online Assesment
  • Pre-operative consultation
  • FUE / DHI Implanter technique
  • PRP treatment ( Rich platelet plasma )
  • Blood test
  • 3 hotel nights
  • private transport and transfers
  • Post-operative consultation
  • Maximum number amount of grafts
  • First hair wash
  • Face to face / Monitoring follow-up


2.990 $
(Maximum amount of graft)
  • Online Assesment
  • Pre-operative consultation
  • FUE Sapphire / DHI Implanter technique
  • Maximum number amount of grafts
  • Post-operative consultation
  • First hair wash
  • Shampoo and lotion
  • Medication Kit
  • 2 nights in 4* Hotel with breakfast
  • Private transport and transfers
  • Translator
  • Lunch ( day of surgery )
  • Monitoring follow-up

International Clinic

Capilclinic, a clinic specialized in hair transplants founded in Europe with the aim of offering the best hair treatments on the market to patients. In Capilclinic we have different clinics located in Spain (Barcelona), Turkey (Istanbul) and Mexico.

Our Clinic in Mexico

In our clinic we have the latest equipment, the most innovative technology in hair transplants and experienced professionals.

Our medical team , have performed a huge amount of operations on patients around all the world, attracted by the success in their results.

Our Clinic in Turkey

You will have access to the best professionals in the sector, and to facilities with the most advanced technologies on the market.

Doctor Oguz Kayiran is one of the most recognized doctors in Istanbul and will be in charge of planning the whole operation, providing the best results.

Our center in Mexico and Istanbul


Feneryolu, Bağdat, 34724
Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turquía.


Av. Insurgentes Sur #1809, Guadalupe Inn, Álvaro Obregón, 01020 Ciudad de México, CDMX


In all our hair treatments

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    100% natural and aesthetic result

    The implantation of the follicles is carried out without a defined scheme, depending on the physiognomy of the patient, which guarantees the maximum possible hair density in the transplanted area.

    Maximum number of

    Unlike other techniques, we implant the number of follicles that each patient needs, achieving the best results.

    We care about the donor area

    We extract the follicles in an optimal way so that the donor area is not damaged and visually continues to have the same uniformity as always.

    Hair strengthening with

    The root of the transplanted hair is strengthened with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment to improve hair tissue and achieve a longer lifespan.

    What is the DHI technique hair transplant?

    In the DHI technique, a tool called Implanter is used, performing the implantation directly, which makes it much safer and with a much more natural final appearance. The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique consists of a procedure to remove the hair follicles from the back and side (called the donor area) one by one and then place them in the areas required by the patient (called receiving area). It is currently one of the most advanced techniques.

    • Preparation: We realize an analysis to check that there are no incompatibility problems. An interview with the doctor and a translator to design the operation. Sleep the area by administrating local anesthesia
    • First Phase: The first phase of the operation is the extraction of the follicles. With thehelp of an 0.6 mm diameter punch the follicular units are extracted fromthe donor area. This phase can last between 3 and 4 hours depending in the needs of each patient.
    We take a little recess of 20 minutes in order that the patient can rest and eat.
    • Second Phase: In the last phase of the hair transplant procedure, the extracted follicles will be placed, making holes in the recipient area with an IMPLANTER or PEN to achieve the maximum possible capillary density in the patient. In this part of the operation some factors must be taken into account such as the implementation line, the density of the implants and the direction of the implementation to name a few. This procedure could last between 3 and 4 hours depending on the needs of the patient.
    • If you suffer from Androgenetic alopecia.
    • If you suffer from localized hear losses.
    • If you suffer from scarring alopecia of reduced extension.
    • If you want to wear short hair and don’t have the linear scar visible
    • If you want dissimilar scars or previous transplants.


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