Loss of hair due to injury, illness, old age, or thinning, among others, have called for the rise of the medical surgery of replacing a scanty part, usually called the ‘recipient site’ with hair follicle from the ‘donor site.’ Hair transplant surgery is feasible for both the male and female gender, but surveys have shown that men get more hair transplant surgeries done than women. Some of the popular parts of the body with the most regular surgeries conducted are the scalp, eyebrow, face, eyelash, chest, and pubic.

For individuals who want to get a hair transplant surgery, here are things to know:

  • The transplanted hair is normal
  • Regrowth of transplanted hair happens over time
  • Transplant is usually permanent
  • Your transplanted hair can live without extreme pampering, just because it is transplanted

What Is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant refers to a procedure where hair is transferred from a donor area in the body, for example, the chin to the head. The donor areas refer to other parts of the body where hair grows. Thus, it is merely transplanting hair from body parts that have hair in surplus in the body to fill up scanty regions.

Hair transplant is no longer a new procedure, and it is common in most clinics across Europe. The primary aim of hair transplantation is hair restoration. Also, it functions to repair hair thinning and is used to discourage continuous hair loss, especially in cases where other treatments such as medications have failed.

Generally, a hair transplant is the exchange of hair between follicles. The effective hair form graftings are FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery). The former differs from the latter in terms of methods. While the former involves cutting the skin to reveal the hair follicles, the latter merely extract hair from one area to another.

However, Follicular extraction involves unique skills and lasts for an extended period. The common parts of the body from where surgeons can harvest hair for hair transplants include the beards (for males), chin, chest, and back head, among other regions.

What to Consider When Looking for a Successful Procedure

Despite the myths about surgical procedures, various clinics have recorded several successful cases, and the methods are now prominent. Nonetheless, some factors must be considered which are integral to the success of the procedure. They include the clinic’s history, skills of the medical team involved, and the quality of facilities available. As a delicate procedure, adequate research on these factors must be conducted. It is a bold process that one cannot reverse.

History of the Clinic

The clinic’s history refers to reviews that form a significant part of a clinic’s reputation. Therefore, as a prospective patient, you must carefully investigate the clinics’ past surgical operations and follow-up with the patients’ recovery process.

Public Opinion

Although similar to reviews, public opinions are also an essential factor to consider when choosing a clinic. The more significant the clinics’ impacts in their locality, the better their quality of standards. Other factors are the expertise of the clinics’ doctors and surgeons and support staff.

Clinic Environment and Standards

The best clinics maintain quality standards regarding staffing, facilities, and environment.

Alternatively, you can research the best clinics in your environment. However, understanding pricing for hair transplant surgeries also assists you in deciding on the type of clinic suitable for your needs.

Prices of the Capillary Graft in the Crown

Usually, the prices of hair transplant surgeries stand within the range of $560 – $4,300. The prices are determined mainly by the techniques to be used to achieve the desired result. The perks of the procedures usually include a prior consultation, hospitable services including accommodation, effective logistics services, post-surgical consultation, and appropriate follow-up treatment.

FUE Transplant Package

This package is one of the most utilized packs by the best clinics, for instance, CapilClinic. Specifically, an FUE transplant package usually includes pre-surgical counseling, exclusive logistics, accommodation and hospitality in high-standard facilities, post-operation consultation, and individual follow-up treatment. The total cost is nothing below $3,100.

However, when it includes thorough analytics, series of consultations including mesotherapy, and a cleaning kit, the budget for this treatment is about $4,000.

DHI Procedure

A DHI procedure usually includes:

  • The usual pre-operative consultation
  • Private logistic services
  • Hospitable accommodation
  • Clinic welfare services
  • A post-operation consultation
  • A PRP session

The total cost of these is no more than $3,500 and starting at $3,300. However, if you’re looking to get only a plasma treatment change with stem cells, the complete package will cost around $4,000.

The DHI Pack is undoubtedly one of the most desirable treatment schedules because of its services before and after the surgery. Most clinics offer accommodation for patients to heal correctly away from distractions and stress activators.

Min Time FUE Pack

The Min Time pack is a unique technique that is formulated out of regular procedures. The pack is very effective for hair regeneration as well as hair restoration. The Min Time FUE pack offers accurate results within the shortest time and includes consultation services before and after the surgical procedure. The patient’s welfare is catered for throughout the period he or she stays at the clinic for treatment. The facilities employed are top-notch and technological driven.

Usually, a private driver is employed for good transfers between clinics and hotels. The clinic also provides follow-up treatments. The aggregate cost is $3,100.

Min Time FUE+ Stem Cells package

The Min Time FUE+ Stem Cells package is similar to the regular Min Time Pack. Hence, it is a unique technique formulated out of the standard procedure and very effective for hair regeneration and hair restoration. In addition, the pack includes consultation services before and after the surgical procedure, welfare services, including accommodation, stem cell treatment, and translation services. The facilities employed are equally top-notch and technological driven. They also provide the first wash service.

Again, a private driver is employed to move patients to and fro clinics and hotels. Also, because of additional services, such as Stem Cell treatment, the cost increases by $850. Hence, it costs $3,950.

In Conclusion

A hair transplant allows you to solve problems associated with hair loss and hair thinning. The good news is that the packages are affordable. However, ensure that you prioritize quality over affordability in the long run.

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