McConnell Jeremy

McConnell has been a victim of beard and hair transplant in Istanbul clinic, in Turkey while on short holiday from community service. The new looks were because Jeremy was concentrating on some new projects. The Irish model appreciates his new looks and applauds the professional doctors who performed the aesthetic surgery on him. He later on became one of the hair transport clinic director in the country of Turkey.

Some of the amazing pictures reviewed some blood-stains in the face of McConnell after undergoing the beard or hair surgery. This was observed during the time he was cerebrating together with his comrades in Turkey. He was fame due to is dark glossy curls and looks of his dashing model, he looked the world away after his usual undergoing surgery at Istanbul clinic. The celebrity hopes that the surgery will enable him look the best when he propels in the spotlight in the upcoming events. He appeared to have total pain when he reviewed the irritations of blood-stained on his face.

Similar kind of amazing and shocking picture reveled one of the TV  hunk who encrusted  in the bandages as he starts the process of recovery of the surgical cuts. In assurance of his perfecting new resemblance, he showed to his son Caben-Albin and his friend Stephen Davis the formal flame. He underwent teeth treatment at Servil Smile Studio density clinic. Alongside having teeth treatment, he is also counting hair beard transplant.

However, after he removed the bandages, he showed fans the result of his hair transplant with his new hair line.Sharing the information online, he wrote, ‘It’s @hairofistanbul people messaging. Jeremy went to get the cosmetic procedure whilst on a break from his community service, which he was given after being found guilty about subjecting his ex-girlfriend to some kind assaulting, Stephanie.

Jeremy has been granted the position of director at the Hair of Istanbul in Uk, where he had undergone both the beard and hair transplant. Irish model will be now working alongside with his close friend by the name M. Faith an expert in hair transplant and also the CEO of the organization. Based on the Jeremy’s new venture he mentioned that: “I am very happy working with M. Faith who undertook my transplant of hair and beard and also being part of this fantastic team “. Also mentions that, “   He has been a brother also to me”.

Stephanie Davis

The Hollyoaks actress also underwent hair transplant to lower her hairline. She said that she decided to have the surgery done as a result of her “high forehead” and hair loss from stress in the previous years. Currently, she appreciates the procedure done on her as she can wear her hair in various styles and not extensions and wigs as before.

Stephanie, 27, showed off her “new confident, fuller hairline” after first going under the knife six months ago – because she was self-conscious about her forehead. And the mum posed with her new look in a proud manner after lowering his hairline by nearly a two inches.Stephanie revealed her large forehead always bothered her last year and that she had gone through dark periods of depression.Her new look hairline was masterminded by Dr. Zabeeh at the British Hair Clinic where she had her operation.

In her Instagram account, she went ahead and said Showing off her new hairline, Davis said she was “really happy”. “I can’t believe how well it has gone. I’ve got so much more confidence,” she said. “I don’t understand the reason I didn’t do this sooner to be honest,” also added.“It has upped my confidence so much,” the celebrity continued. Stephanie, who plays Sinead O’Connor on the Channel 4 soap, thanked the British Hair Clinic for giving her the hairline she “always wanted”, just six months after she revealed she would be having the procedure to fix her “high forehead” and thinning hair.In a results video, Stephanie celebrated her new look. “I can’t believe how well it’s grown,” she said. “I’ve just got so much more confidence and I’ve got my hairline that I always wanted…

Encouraging more women to undergo the treatment, Stephanie said: ‘ The surgery of Hair transplant isn’t just for men, the women can also have it and it can implicateaenormousdiversity if conducted by a good surgeon.’ Stephanie’s surgeon, Dr Zabeeh, took the follicles from her head at the back side and implanted them into small incisions in the scalp in order to encourage hair growth, whilst the actress was under local anesthetic. Although it can take up to 12 months for the final results to become apparent, Stephanie revealed she was ‘over the moon’ with the outcome.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne is a well-known UK iconic footballer who became bald while playing for Manchester United at the age of 25. He opted for a hair transplant surgery after he noticed the diminished hair growth he was having. Being a successful candidate for the FUE technique, he underwent the surgery which was successful and now Rooney confidently and excellently performs on the pitch. He confirmed to his fans that he had hair transplantation done and was proud of the results.

In one of his twitter post, he mentioned that the outcome of the procedures excited him. “Confirming to all of my fans I have undergone a hair transplant. At 25 I was going bald why not,” in the twitter he quoted.  An England star a Manchester United star mentioned that he has been treated at the London’s famous hair clinic Harley Street. He went further requesting his fans whether anyone would rate any perfect hair shampoo for his head appearance was “still swollen and a bit bruised”. The wife of a footballer by name Coleen confirmed on tweeter concerning the news, ensuring that the people are aware of his decision and not hers. .”Hiya!! It is true waynes was responsible of having his hair done! It was on his decision and not based on me requesting him, like what many people were boosting!! Pleased for him and it will look great,” she quoted in her twiter. For now, the Manchester United and England player  by name Rio Ferdinand joked: “Just don’t go down the wearing an alice band route!! You’ll be conductingshoulders and head adverts soon! Hope it’s gone ok, Good luck lad.”

Many celebrities and soccer stars have, in fact, opted for hair transplant, but only few have been open and candid about it like Wayne Rooney. Interested to know about the details of the surgery like how much it cost or where it had been done?Rooney hair was clearly losing at a rapid pace; you can almost see his scalp with only sparse hair covering it. Though some brave it, clearly he didn’t want to go for the Wayne Rooney bald look. He was obviously sad about the issue mentioning it in his autobiography about going bald at the age of 25. He may be a pro footballer with a large amount of money to his name, yet we can’t help but feel bad for the young star.But unlike many celebrities, Wayne wasn’t one to shy away from his hair loss, as in 2011, he tweeted on social media, addressing it and admitting to rumors of Wayne Rooney hair transplant.

It was nice to have a celebrity come forward and be candid about it. The frankness about Wayne Rooney hair transplant inspired a whole number of soccer stars like Antonio Conte, SlavenBilic, Cesc Fabregas, etc., in getting hair transplants for themselves.

Calum Best

He is a TV presenter who has had three hair transplants since 2016. He affirmed that the procedure drastically changed his life and making him suitable for roles that he would not be suitable for earlier on. He is also quoted saying that the difference in his self-esteem is immeasurable after the surgery. Just like Wayne Rooney, he had the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method on him as it posed little or no scaring, less invasive, has a quick recovery, and is considered the best option compared to other methods like FUT (Follicular Unit Graft).

Calum Best came to Crown Clinic for the reason that he had been trailing his hair as his near the beginning 20s and he felt that hair  transfer procedure would enhance his assurance. As well as being the son of the late Manchester United soccer legend George Best. Calum is a popular and influential television presenter and actor as well. He urges for her need to look elegant to keep moving. Images gives an overview on the way Calum’s hairline was changed by undergoing 1200 grafts (this summed up to 1,850 individual hairs)

In a post, Calum goes ahead to say that he is so much pleased with the results that he has attained from the hair transplant procedure the reason being that he was losing so much hair and he wanted to look good. He also says that he admired the looks of Wayne Rooney, Gordon Ramsay, and James Nesbitt after they had also acquired new hair. Calum’s father did not have any kind of alopecia and therefore Calum could not apprehend that his disorder was hereditary. Calum began losing hair from too much usage of peroxide during his teenage years. Calum also suffered from traction alopecia as a result of tightly pulling his hair back into a ponytail when he was slightly above 20 years old.

Similar to the football star Rooney, Calum underwent a follicular transfer. This ionvolves removal of separate hair follicles from the back of the scalp to a hairline. Calum visited Crown Clinic in October 2012 to have the surgical procedure done and the method would take a duration between 6 months and a full year to completely heal and the typical results of the transplant to become visible.

This celebrity was once working in the modelling industry as a model for the famous fashion brands as Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger and used to earn a total of £20,000 a day. He was also recently tuning to acting and he has starred in two movies. His alopecic condition has resulted to him losing his confidence especially when he is on stage doing castings and auditions. He says that when he drops his head to face his phone and every moment he was thinking if people are staring at his bald region and it would greatly affect his self-esteem and confidence. He would find it hard to concentrate and it would greatly affect him.

This celebrity was also surprised after finding out that his hair was falling off at such youthful age. He says that his father always had good hair and there was no evidence of baldness in his mother’s lineage. The peroxide he was using had affected him so much and this explains how inappropriate usage of chemicals can lead to alopecia. Best was always dying his hair with various types of colors he would prefer. He says he would find it to be a good thing to do when he was sprouting. Pulling his hair into a ponytail also promoted traction alopecia and at only 24 years when his father died, is when his hair began thinning.

Dr. Shahmalak explains that wearing a tight ponytail just like Calum was doing and also the too much usage of peroxide would fasten hair loss in an early age. Just like Calum, Naomi Campbell was also facing traction alopecia as a result of wearing a tight ponytail.

Medications like propecia can counter the beginning of alopecia but only hair renovation procedure can completely solve the hair loss condition and restore a good hairline. The doctor has registered more than 25% bookings from young men in their early 20s who would prefer a hair renewal procedure shortly after Rooney disclosed his hair transplant. There was no stigma whatsoever that was linked to hair renovation. “Many young menjust like Calum are appreciating that they can renovate their lives with a simple hair transplant surgery that won’t take long.” Says Dr. Shahmalak.

Rafael Nadal

In 2016, Rafael underwent a hair transplant to replenish his thinning hair. It was reported that the former world number one had 4,500 hair folliclesrelocated in the process after a local anesthetic and sedation. The procedure is thought to have cost £7,700.

Rafael has been suffering from male pattern baldness for several years which gives rise to permanent hair loss from the scalp causing baldness. His rate of hair loss has slowed down considerably after his 20s. Back then, the Spaniard had significantly thinner hair on his scalp which makes his bald patch quite prominent from certain angles. Rafael Nadal’s haircut has been effective at covering his hair issues; the Mallorcan keeps his hair long and wears a sweatband to hide any bald patches and his receding hairline. So it’s hard to make out its current status.

In 2016, Rafael Nadal underwent a hair transplant in order to replenish his thinning hair. According to the reports of Spanish newspapers, Nadal went through a ten-hour Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) formula at a professionalhealth center in Madrid.In this procedure, doctors transplanted 4,500 follicles on his scalp. They had to administer a local anesthetic to sedate the skin around his scalp.

Usually, it takes 18 months to experience the full effect of a hair renovation. But Nadal’s hair transplant progression was visible after 6 months. The 19-time Grand Slam champion’s hair looked visibly thicker.While Nadal’s first transplant was a successful one, there were reports of him undergoing a second transplant in 2018. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation for the same.

Gordon Ramsay

In 2011, Ramsay consumed 12 hours at a health center having follicles detached from opulentspots of his scalp before being translocated where his hairline was thinning. Apparently, the hair transplant costed him around £30,000.

Gordon was seen leaving Alvi Armani health center in Beverly Hills while he was on his black surgical covering on his head. Ramsay was then located in LA with a swollen face and this was an evidence that he had received a foul-mouthed foodie same as which Rooney had received during his hair renovation procedure. His surgery was conducted by Dr. Antonio Armani and had spent half a day at the facility getting hair follicles detached from lush areas and being transplanted in the thinning regions.

Lloyd Daniels

The former X Factor contestant revealed his secret hair transplantin March 2017, after battling a receding hairline over the years. Lloyd said he’d been uncomfortable about his hairline since his teenage years so had finally decided to do something about it, opting for the hair transplanting procedure that involves hundreds of strands being taken from the back of the head and re-planted at the front. “It’s something I’ve never talked about in the ‘media’ and I’ve mastered ‘covering it up’ but I’ve always been uncomfortable with my hairline since my early teens,” he admitted.

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