Not everyone can be bald and still maintain a classy look. This is incredibly difficult for celebrities often in the media, newspapers, and people’s faces. To celebs, their looks are everything, and it matters that their hair is in good shape and condition. This becomes even more challenging if the celebrity had not always been bald.

Hair loss can take a toll on your look. When your hair is in bad shape, it becomes less aesthetically pleasing. Often, no celeb wants to stay this way. So, they resort to getting a hair transplant. This is a convenient choice for celebs since they are rich and can afford the procedure.

Perhaps you do not even know, but so many celebs you admire have had a hair transplant. In this article, we take you through the before and after stages of some of the celebs that have had a hair transplant. If you also need a hair transplant like your favorite celebs, we answer all the questions you may have about hair transplants.

7 Things You Need To Know About Hair Transplant

Most people have a notion that a hair transplant is a straightforward procedure. You book an appointment, and your hair becomes filled up once again. This is not quite the case, as there are considerations that go into deciding to go for a hair transplant. Here, we take you through the top 7 things you should know about hair transplant.

Are You Fit For The Procedure?

One essential thing you need to understand before delving into the process is the fitness of your candidacy. To get the correct answer to this, you need to speak to your surgeon. The surgeon knows best whether you are right and ripe for the procedure without giving way to complications.

Generally, there should be no problem. Although there are a few things that come into consideration, you should be the right candidate for a hair transplant if you are in good health. Also, if you have enough hair across other parts of your head, you should be good to go. The hair reserve serves as your donor area from where the surgeon will transfer to the target area.

Is Age A Factor?

Not necessarily. Age is generally not a limitation to getting a hair transplant. If you feel the need to get a hair transplant, you can go for it irrespective of your age. However, it is often advisable to wait till your 30s or 40s before getting one.

Will The Hair Transplant Be Permanent?

When you get a hair transplant, you sign up for permanence. The hair stays on your head and will continue to grow forever. Like your natural hair, the transplanted hair will also fall but will grow back within a few weeks. Often, the hair transplanted comes from your scalp’s back, and the hair there is usually stronger.

So, yes, the transplanted hair is permanent and becomes a part of your head.

Do You Feel Pain During The Hair Transplant?

Since a hair transplant is a surgical procedure, you may expect a bit of discomfort. However, it is minimal, as hair transplant is less invasive than the regular surgeries. The level of discomfort you’ll feel depends on your surgeon and how your body responds to treatments.

Hence, it is advisable to choose the best clinics for hair transplants. This will ensure you get the best services with little or no discomfort.

When Do You See The Results?

The result can take a while to see. After the procedure, your transplanted hair will fall. But about two months after the procedure, new hair follicles will start to grow and build up. You may end up seeing the final result in about a year.

Essentially, after the procedure is complete, the transplanted hair may fall. You may lose the hair at that stage, but it will grow back accordingly, and you can start rocking it.

Are There Permanent Medications?

Following your hair transplant, your surgeon may prescribe certain drugs for you to take for a period. However, this is only for a short while. Once you are done using the medication, that should be all. There is no permanent medication that comes with getting a hair transplant.

However, it is important that you know you may have to take some medications for your non-transplanted hair. This is usually to help you maintain your hair care and protect your skin health.

Are There Possibilities of A Second Hair Transplant?

Ordinarily, you should not need to go through a second hair treatment. However, this depends on the intensity of your hair loss. If your baldness or thinning is extreme, you may require more than one hair transplant.

After your first transplant, you will be advised to use medications to prevent treatment. But sometimes, you may not find the result of the first transplant satisfactory. In such a case, you can go for a second transplant. This will be easier if you have a good donor area where the surgeon can transplant from.

Why Do Celebs Get Hair Transplants?

You may wonder why celebs go for hair transplants. The answer to this is connected to various reasons. Being a celebrity, they impose certain public expectations on themselves. If you’d like to know why your favorite celeb got the hair transplant, here we go.

Media Pressure

Living the life of a celeb is not a straightforward path. Celebs are frequently under pressure to appear perfect. Many people see celebs as those who have it all and have it perfectly.

The desire to maintain the perfect look makes them get a hair transplant when their hair is going off. Baldness can wear off poorly, especially if the celebrity had not always been that way. So, this is public perception is one of the reasons. Celebs only want to make the news for having high-class and worthy hairstyles, as against hair loss, balding, or signs of hair thinning.

Honest Desire

Some celebs might just not be comfortable with hair loss. As such, they’d rather not stand it. This may not be due to what the public will think, but genuinely because having hair makes them feel better about themselves.

They Have The Money

When one has the money to do something, they are more inclined to do it. Celebs have the money, and if they feel the need for a hair transplant, why not?

Celebrity Hair Transplant: Before and After

There are many celebs that have had a hair transplant. Out of the many, we bring you a few.

Elton John

One of the leading names in the world of music is Elton John. He is one of the celebrities that led the way in getting a hair transplant. He began to face a loss of hair. As such, he felt the need to address it.

A quick look at his before and after picture reveals the difference. Before the transplant, he only had hair on the sides, and the hair was already showing signs of weakness. However, post-transplant, his hair became filled and it appeared so natural.

Jude Law

Jude Law is an English actor who found the appropriate solution to his hair loss in a hair transplant. He has appeared on screen in “Captain Marvel” and “Sherlock Holmes.” Before the transplant, he had lost hair around the center of the head right till the middle. But for the hair transplant, he was already going completely bald. Post-transplant, his hair came out in a way that blended with his texture.

Mel Gibson

An American producer, director, and actor, and known for his role in “Lethal Weapon,” Mel Gibson faced hair loss problems that required a solution. The solution he took was to have a hair transplant. For someone who had lost a sizable portion of hair, the hair transplant delivered a good result that makes him more aesthetically pleasing.

Sylvester Stallone

Known for his famous movie “Rocky,” Sylvester Stallone has also had his moment with a hair transplant. Despite aging well and gracefully, Stallone suffered hair shedding, which made him feel the need for a hair transplant. His hair loss wasn’t a critical one, but the hair was noticeably shedding. Following the hair transplant, the grafts were adequately placed in angles that made the result perfect.

Jamie Foxx

From “Robin Hood” to “Django” to “Baby Driver,” Jamie Foxx is an on-screen actor so many people know. Foxx was fast losing hair, and his hairline was receding. He had to take to the most effective solution. With a properly executed hair transplant, the hairline was returned to its rightful place, giving Foxx a smart look deserving the screens.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn is a movie director who has also found the solution to his hair loss in hair transplant. Facing hair loss at the sides of the head, Penn had to look to getting a hair transplant. The procedure brought his hair back to shape and better.

Final Thoughts

Hair transplants can help return the hair to good condition. This accounts for why celebrities go for it to keep their appearance smart and perfect. Celebs love to remain this way, and even those you may not know have had a hair transplant in the past.

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