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One of the most effective methods of hair transplantation, keeps the follicles out of the body for the shortest possible time during the procedure, in order to ensure the best result. The follicles are classified during the extraction process and implanted according to the withdrawal time.

With this technique the follicles do not exceed 120 minutes, which is the maximum period that they must stay out of the body. Therefore, the chances of successful surgery are always greater.

Minimum time FUE ™ package

2490 $
  • - A preoperative consultation
  • - Transfer from the hotel to the clinic with a private driver
  • - 2 nights in a 4-star hotel with breakfast included
  • - Hair transplant with the FUE ™ technique with minimum time
  • - A postoperative consultation
  • - First hair wash at the clinic
  • - Plasma reinforcement treatment (PRP)
  • - English translator

Minimum time FUE ™ package

2950 $
  • - A preoperative consultation
  • - Transfer from the hotel to the clinic with a private driver
  • - 2 nights in a 4-star hotel with breakfast included
  • - Hair transplant with
    the DHI technique
  • - A postoperative consultation
  • - First hair wash at the clinic
  • - Plasma reinforcement treatment (PRP)
  • - English translator

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    Hair transplant surgeon

    Dr. Oguz Kayiran is a renowned capillary graft specialist, with over 10 years of experience in plastic surgery. He worked in the largest hospitals in Turkey and completed his training as a surgeon at Ankara hospital, in the service of research, plastic surgery and aesthetics.

    He graduated in 2001 from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ankara and did an internship at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield (United Kingdom). He achieved further improvement with practices in aesthetic and plastic surgery at the Ministry of Health, in addition to participating in national publications on scientific research.

    Turkey is a famous place in hair transplant operations. In reference to Washington post documentaries, patients exceeding 5000 go to turkey for this purpose. The most common reason for their preference to turkey is Turkey being accessible due to its cheap advantage. Generally, the cost of the operation will relate to the number of hair follicles to be transplanted at any volunteered patient. Beneath are the factors affecting the cost of the typical treatment procedure: The amount of hair follicles to be moved, the medical specialists who will perform the procedure, the venue for the surgical conduction, the number of patients that the clinic can hold for a single day and the solutions to be put in exercise during the surgical operation.

    Factors to embrace when selecting hair transplant clinic in turkey.

    When you’ve taken a decision to undergo a hair transplant clinic at the beginning, it’s important to make good choice of the right clinic. For this reason, you need to do a genuine research and identify all possible varieties for this procedure should be appropriately done to acquire remarkable outcomes. When choosing a clinic in Turkey, there are decisions to have in thoughts from visitation to dismissal:

    Consultation – Hair loss problem can be met at any stage of human life. Many people believe that hair ruining action should need an instant hair transplant procedure. Eventually, this belief may be mythical. Searching for a quality clinic in Turkey enables you to get a free knowledge that can assist you to know the reason for hair loss. By that, you will decide on the best treatment to undertake to heal your strange condition.

        The kind of treatment you require– Hair transplants involves two ways. If you require any of these procedures, then you should pick the clinic that satisfies your likeness. In addition, it’s important to research whether the clinic you’re considering to visit has services that will work best for you.


        Specialization – additional factor to put in mind when selecting the best clinic for hair transplant in Turkey is what they are majorly specialized with. This can be an indication of how they can become experts in the medical science and technology.

    Experience of the medical experts – you should always select a clinic with professional physicians and honorable working staffs. Gather as much information of the physicians to do the operation and know how long they have been in practice. Make sure that all have genuine licenses and professional qualifications. Finally, check whether they have areas of specialization.

    Before and after photo session

    Before and after photo session – When searching for a medical physician, remember to ask them to present to you the images of the patients they have ever served before. Try to figure out if the patients served came from worldwide. Doing so assures you that the physician is fit for the hair transplant. Please look at the photos critically before making any decision. Be curious to verify the authenticity of these photos before taking any move, as well as any document that the clinic and the doctors present to you.

    Internationally, hospitals in turkey are best known in the basis of science and technological advancement, currently having 45 joint commission international approved health institutions. International society of hair restoration surgery is the body that regulates the clinical hair operation in this country.

    • The governmental regulatory bodies check the hospitalization system to make sure that they comply to global healthcare standards in different places which includes: cleanliness and apparatus preservation, ethnicity, health care, health certificates and specialists.
    • Physicians in high ranks to the other workers are professionally qualified. However, because most of them are used to this kind of work, these doctors emerges to be popular internationally, with specialists in knowledge of varieties of hairs.
    • However, many essentials have been made readily available to the tourists which includes: – personal rooms, language intermediaries, self staffs and personal chef service, assists in journeys and hostage as well as the tour guides. Anything you need at your disposal can easily reach to you. These necessities are planned well to make sure that admitted people acquires the very admirable health services since they place their first visitation until the time they are dismissed from the hospital.
    • Most health care workers are multi-lingual and communicate in English fluently.

    Hair transplant

    When mentioning about hair transplant, it’s a medical procedure whereby the dermatologist implants hair follicles to a bald area of the head, beard or moustache. This means basically means that different follicular units are extracted and implanted to the affected part of the scalp. Commonly, hair transplant operations are conducted at local anesthetic.

    Furthermore, people experiencing pattern baldness are ones who receives hair transplant. This hair lose situation can be caused by genetic information or mostly the family history of baldness. Other reason of hair loss includes; hormonal imbalance, illness, medications, stress and diet.

    Advantages of hair transplant

    For people who are distressed by the thinning or balding of their hair, getting a hair transplant in Turkey can be of a great deal. The fourth comings are some of the front line benefits of a hair transplant procedure:

    It provides a chance for you to improve your looks by pervading your balding patches, making them look seemingly attractive.

    It costs less amount of money since it is only done once for a human lifetime, meaning that there is no necessary re-visit for the same procedure.

    It offers a permanent remedy to those who suffer continuous and significant hair loss in their lifetime.

    It has low maintenance cost as it doesn’t require shampoo or chemicals to keep it calm.

    It’s absolutely safe and natural since there are no medication that can alter the hair growth behavior.

    From a great number of 635,000 hair transplant procedures performed in 2017, 68% of those were conducted in Turkey. In current times, Turkey has been mentioned as the hub for medical tourists, looking forward to improving their appearances.

    Definitely, these arising demands created many opportunities for business personnel, amongst some physicians. The significant increase of hair transplant demand in Turkey clinics build up concern, mostly about the quality of the work done.

    As elaborated in the best of our knowledge about Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey page, the number of new clinics started overstepped the qualified hair transplant doctor number by far.

    Consequently, it is best for you to understand how and why Turkey is a cheap hair transplant destination by outlining many points on both sides of the equation.

    Turkey particularly Istanbul is the leading destination for the hair transplant operations. Every year, tens of thousands of men travel to Turkey to get back their preferable resemblance. Unfortunately, some still feel uncomfortable of travelling to Turkey due to security reasons. Although there had been some security concerns in the previous years, Turkey haven’t faced any security threat since 2016.

    Techniques used in Hair transplant

    The many different techniques used in hair transplant procedure are as discussed below. They are two in numbers: The follicular Unit Transplant and follicular unit extraction.

    FUT is an order of two ways; it was formed in the 1990’s as a replacement of the past complex types of hair extraction operations. Extraction of hair unit is solved by this method; it involves slicing a thin strip of scalp skin wholly from the extracted starting from the back of the head. The extracted portion is then attached to recipient area affected. The wound left by the removed portion is the covered and a thin lining generates.

     FUT (strip extraction method) merits:

    Quick – many strips of hairs can be extracted within a short period of time in order to fix the affected area.

    It has got minimal chances of destruction on the donated portion as it is thereby attached deeply to correct the skin tissue cells at and around the follicles.

    The donor region required to collect a strip is smaller.

    It involves less hair cut for only the extracted area is shaved.

    Some of the clinics doesn’t charge high cost in strip hair transplant since it is not that complex, it also doesn’t use specialized items, and doesn’t require more specialists

    FUT strip harvesting is suitable to the following kind of patients:

    Who mind less about the left surgical marks

    Who doesn’t need many hairs to be provided.

    Whose bald area to be acted upon is bigger.

    Who feel comfortable when putting on their long hairs to hide their marks.

    Who have no distress on their time to heal.

    Who want to spend less and yet assured of getting high quality kind of service.

     FUE Method

    FUE extraction is not necessarily infective. Personal follicular units are separated by use of a micro punch in advance when extracting with a pair of forceps. Initially the punches were manual but nowadays many hospitals are using micro-mortar controlled needles to harvest the strips. Motorized punches can generate a number of strips at a time as compared to the manual punch, which minimizes the typical surgery period as well as surgical operations needed.

    FUE extraction merits

    • They are less invasive harvesting methods that gives reduced problems on the skin.
    •  There are no seeable marks unless your hair is to remain short as per your own interest.
    • Quick recuperation period.
    • It has few risks of getting infected when small cuts occur.
    • It has no pains.
    • It’s useful even at low density donor area.

    FUE extraction is suitable for the following patients:

    Who admire quick healing.

    Who dislikes suppressive surgery.

    The ones suffering from keloid scars.

    The ones with less dense donor areas.

    DHI is the spinoff the FUE process. Differentiating factor is that the DHI involves extraction of the follicles making it resemble the FUE extraction method but only at follicular hair fixation. During follicular hair harvesting, the units harvested are put into a transplanting pen known as Choi. These chois are planned form a way on the recipients’ region of implantation of hair follicle at that moment. to make a method in the recipient area of scalp and implant a hair follicle unit into it at the very moment. It prohibits the want to preserve the follicle units in resolving remedy at the same time or during a cut.

    Ways of hairs treatment in Turkey without involving surgery

    Many males do not require hair implantation procedures. This is due to many of them being of youthful age indicating that their hair loss period is yet to come. Various non-surgical methods can be used to these kind of people. Some of these methods are the 2FDA hair treatments.


    Rogaine is part of the non-surgical hair treatments which is also known as minoxidil. This involves a gel product that is usable to both males and females experiencing hair loss. It is commonly used in the treatment of the scalp. The gel is therefore applied on the affected area in daily basis for a period of about six months. This is done to get a significant reduction of hair loss.

    Finasteride / Propecia

    It is another type of no-surgical treatments that involves taking of the pills by oral means and gives better outcomes in prevention of further hair loss.

    PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy

    Food and Drugs Administration from USA is yet to approve the PRP therapy for hair treatment. Despite of this, it has been utilized in many clinics as a solution to hair loss solving sport related injuries faster. They are typically meant to result to standardized outcomes

    Turkey is acknowledged to be the best country in terms of offering hair transplantation services. This has been contributed by the best hair transplant physicians the country has in offering such services. The following are the best recommended physicians in Turkey; Dr. Oguz Kayiran, Dr. Muttalip Keser, and Dr. Koray Erdogan. Besides these renowned doctors, there are several other like;

    Mehmet Erdogan

    He is a Hair transplant specialist with 9 years in hair transplantation and he is fluent in English, German, and Turkish.

    The FUE hair transplant specialist has performed over 5,000 transplants. Cofounder of Smile Hair Clinic. Dr. Mehmet Erdogan is a specialist in hair transplant and recover. He has provided many transplant applying manual Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and medical treatments for hair loss.

    Safiye Kurt

    She is a Hair transplant specialist with 24 years of experience in the hair renovation sector and is fluent in English, and Turkish.

    The specialist is the first one in Turkey to conduct FUE hair transplant. Dr. Safiye Kurt is a famous Turkish hair transplant expert. Founder of Adem & Havva Medical Center.

    Dr. Kurt is a beginner of FUE hair transplant in Turkey. Among her patients are royal families and the UAE Minister of Health (in 2012). She has got over 500 FUE procedures on her account. Typically, she has brought about over 4,000 hair transplants. Safiye Kurt is the only one Turkish expert who has a permission to make a hair transplant in the states of the Persian Gulf.

    In 2018, Dr. Kurt achieved Bookimed Award as Best hair transplant specialist according to Bookimed experts’ opinion and patients’ reviews.

    She is a member of the European Hair Research Society, a free organization targeting at developing new treatments for hair pathologies.

    Naci Karacaoglan

    Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetic Specialist. Hair transplant specialist and has experience in FUE transplant.

    Best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

    Sapphire FUE hair transplantation clinic. It is run by Dr. Mehmet Erdogan who is a hair transplant specialist.

    Mooem Clinic

    Mooem clinic is under the control of the best plastic surgery doctors known as Dr. Oguz Kayiran. He is an international reference in aesthetic surgery and has over 10 years of service to the plastic surgery. The clinic has some of the most approved individuals to perform qualified plastic surgeries in Turkey. Their offer includes breast augmentation, hair transplant, liposuction, rhinoplasty tummy tuck, and many more.

    Team led by Dr. Oguz Kayiran with more than 10 years of experience performing aesthetic surgery operations.

    Estetic International

    It is a health group which put in place top quality esthetic services to its clients. It is situated in Istanbul, Bursa. Its Quasar branch helps in aesthetic surgeries to their international patients who come through the health visitation and also from Turkey. It was pioneered by Dr. Bulent Cihantimur in 1999 and has since been performing esthetic surgeries through its clinics which are equipped with the recent and advanced technological equipments.

    Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center

    It is a medical institution which specializes in hair transplant, plastic dental procedures, Brazilian butt lift, and many others. The institution gives the modest methods like, DHI and FUE hair transfer, Vaser liposuction, and PRP therapy for alopecia treatment. Over 4000 patients visit the center from UK, Italy, Spain, and Argentina.            The cost for breast augmentation goes for $3106 and is performed by Dr. Ergin Er who has 26 years of experience.