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People who want to try a hair transplant will often first check in the hair transplant clinics site for details about the procedure. However, because these sites are primarily responsible for selling their service, you should expect a biased approach when responding to concerns. But we are a more neutral company, so expect unbiased and credible facts from us.

This article clarifies some of the most raised concerns and questions about the hair transplant procedure.  Some of these concerns are;

How does a hair transplant work?

Hair transplant is an alternative and surgical hair restoration in which the hair you already have is moved to fill up bald spots. 

There are two primary techniques in which this is done. Viz; FUE and FUT are Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transfer, respectively.

This procedure contains the following procedures;


i.                    The surgeon will clean your scalp and provide a local anesthetic to the back of your skull.

ii.                 For the FUT, A 6- to 10-inch-long piece of skin is removed from the back of your head. The surgeon then patches up the wound on the scalp while the hair that surrounds it rapidly conceals this place.

iii.               The scalp strip is then divided into 500 to 2,000 microscopic grafts, each containing a single hair or a few hairs, by the surgeon’s team. Various factors determine the amount and type of grafts used in a hair transplant.


i.                    First, the rear hairline is shaven. The doctor removes and isolates hair follicles from the shaven site after the other. This process often leaves specks in the area, hiding your hair.

ii.                 After that, a scalpel or needle is used to create holes in the area where the hair will be transplanted, and each graft is delicately placed in one of the holes.

Note that other team members will likely assist in planting grafts because of the detailing involved.

For both techniques, transplantation may take about 4-8 hours to be completed. Though, time is also taken largely depending on several grafts to be made.

Will my hair grow and look natural after a transplant?

Unlike in the late 1950s, when hair transplants began to advance, you may be sure to have a natural-looking transplant thanks to advances in technology. Patients’ hair is used in the transplant process. When transplanted hair follicles connect with the surrounding tissue, a bond is formed, and the hair follicles can begin to function normally again.  This assures natural hair growth.

But also note that the success rate is determined by how good the doctor is. People considering a hair transplant should conduct their homework searching for a good clinic before making a final decision.

Can my hair transplant fail?

The likelihood for a hair transplant to fail is very minimal. So far, the statistic has shown an 80% success rate. This makes the procedure credible for anybody considering a hair restoration treatment.

However, like any other surgical procedure, the holistic success rate of hair transplant also depends on the surgeon’s expertise and the patient’s ability to obverse all precautionary measures given (whether before or after [procedure).

Some of these measures may include complete abstinence from alcohol, smoke, or other non-surgical compactible drugs). Etc.

Also, patients are always advised to treat operated areas with extreme care. And if compulsory to touch the operated site, it must be done gently. This is so that healing and other repair processes are not tampered with through the action of force.

And lastly, patients are to stay away from stress-inducing works after the procedure. Stress is an important factor that causes hair loss.

Is it possible to get my transplanted hair from someone else?

A simple but professional answer is No! There are compatibility issues with hair transplants. Thus, only your hair can be used. To prevent the recipient’s hair from rejecting the donor’s and becoming infected, hair restoration doctors will not do transplants using the hair of other persons.

If you use scalp tissue or hair from someone else, your body’s immune system will reject it. Aside from other possible health complications, the treatment will eventually fail when this happens.

How much can I get a hair transplant?

A variety of factors influence the price of goods and services. The location of the clinic almost always determines the price of a clinic. Other considerations include the number of grafts to be performed, the type of procedure to be employed, and the doctor’s skill level. However, in our research, we discovered a price range ranging between $4,000 and $15,000. And the patient is responsible for covering this expense.

Possible risk and side effects

Some of the perceived risks include;

·         Folliculitis or inflammation may occur on the operated sites.

·         Itching of operated sites that is either donor or recipient area. Or both.

·         Bleeding from the operated site (especially in FUT)

·         Infection

·         Inflamed skin around the eyes

·         Crust may also form on the operated sites.

Hair transplantation is a reasonably safe procedure with a low risk of complications. It is true that sometimes, these perceived complications, risks, or side effects may result in real health issues. But most often, they are simply part of the healing process and should disappear in a couple of weeks. Of course, with proper care and sometimes medications.

Also, every surgeon should be informed of potential issues and ways to prevent and manage them. These problems can be avoided or reduced with adequate surgical technique and wound care.

Take away

Always keep in mind that hair transplantation necessitates a high level of competence. To receive the greatest clinic treatment possible, it is your job to do your research. Don’t be concerned about the cost. The essential thing is that you are safe. Keep in mind that if a problem occurs, the amount of money and energy that will be expended may be significantly greater than the initial cost of the procedure.

And always remember to see your doctor in case of any complications.

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