Hair Transplant in Madrid

In recent times, Madrid has been generating a lot of attention concerning the hair transplant procedure. The reason for this is quite simple – Madrid is fast becoming one of the most ideal locations for people to have a hair transplant. The number of clinics in the city that offer hair transplant keeps increasing. Not just that, these clinics have turned out to be very competent ones with a great deal of positive feedback.

One other reason for the increased demand for hair transplant in Madrid is the wide recognition of the procedure’s effectiveness. So many people around the world prioritize their appearance and are therefore extremely bothered when they begin to notice that they are experiencing some sort of hair loss or hair thinning. In the past, there was no way to turn this situation around. However, hair transplant was developed, and its effectiveness has been witnessed by many via various successful transplants.

With more people entertaining the idea of undergoing a hair transplant, Madrid will likely continue to be a favored destination due to its fairly high success rate and affordable prices.

Getting Hair Transplant

An incredible number of people suffer from conditions that involve hair loss. This results in a massive search for effective ways of regaining lost hair. Several products are marketed as cures to hair loss, however, it has been established that the only effective way of regaining hair is through a hair transplant.

Therefore, a hair transplant is something you should consider if you are trying to prevent hair thinning and hair loss. The way hair transplant works is by removing hair from the part of the scalp that is not affected by baldness and transplanting such hair in areas of the scalp that are affected by baldness or thinning.

A surgeon assisted by a team usually performs the entire procedure. In addition, the procedure could take a couple of hours to complete. Recovery time could range from days to weeks.

While hair transplant is widely effective, it doesn’t work for everyone, and not all of the procedures are successful. This is why the search for a competent surgeon and clinic for the procedure is an important one for patients. The chances of success could be greatly increased by the surgeon’s skill and experience and the advanced instruments and facilities.

Furthermore, there are two major techniques through which hair transplant can be performed. These techniques include the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT): This technique involves removing a portion of the donor area of the scalp by the surgeon. The donor area is the area of the patient’s scalp with a healthy density of hair. After removal, the strip of the scalp is then cut meticulously into several pieces. Each piece contains at least one follicle. The cut pieces are then transplanted to the recipient area of the patient’s scalp.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): This is a more and advanced procedure than the Follicular Unit Transplant. It is also usually the preferred technique of hair transplant. FUE basically involves transplanting hair follicles individually. For this procedure to be performed, parts of the patient’s scalp are completely shaved. Then, the follicles are transferred from the donor area of the scalp to the recipient area.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Madrid


Capilclinic is the best clinic in Madrid for hair transplants. The clinic is specialized in hair graft micro-implant and provides other regeneration services. This clinic is also big on innovation, thus, its services have improved and evolved over the years to the highest standard and quality.

Capilclinic has a competent medical team comprising specialist doctors with a great deal of experience in hair transplanting. Furthermore, this clinic provides highly personalized service to ensure that each client receives adequate attention.

The surgeons also have a great level of understanding of both FUE and FUT techniques. One thing that stands the clinic out is the experience. The clinic has a team of highly experienced experts. One of such is Dr. Ana Alcantara. The clinic is reputable for being able to address extreme cases of hair loss. This is something you will not find with many clinics. As such, the clinic is a favorite in the market.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Madrid

Cost is a major consideration that anyone looking to undergo a hair transplant as the procedures generally do not come cheap. The clinics in Madrid, however, provide a reasonable price range for clients. Price is dependent on factors like standard of service and technique of procedure. The cost of a procedure in Madrid ranges from about $3000 to about $11000.

Final Thoughts

Hair transplant is an expensive procedure. It is only right that you seek the best places in Madrid where you can get excellent services. With this guide, you can make informed choices concerning your hair transplant procedures.

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