Baldness can be fought in many ways, but the most effective weapon is hair transplant.

No man or woman suffering from alopecia can solve this condition with home remedies or chemicals that promise to restore the days of glorification of the hair.

That is why hair transplant is a fast and proven solution to cure alopecia.

This technique is done through a surgical intervention, which allows moving hair from an area that has not yet been affected by baldness, to another.

For this, the area where the work will be anesthetized locally, and thus prevent the patient from feeling any discomfort or pain.

In addition, it uses tools with cutting-edge technology, which makes the process more friendly and less traumatic.

Clinics specializing in hair transplantat, offer three methods, FUSS, FUE and DHI.

Each with its characteristics, results and recovery. But all are efficient to treat alopecia.

With everyone it is basically the same, extract hair follicles and implant in the affected area. There is no defined number of follicular units to be extracted, so in an operation you can get all the necessary ones to cover baldness.

The three methods open microchannels in the skull to implant the grafts. These microchannels heal quickly.

After undergoing this procedure, people can return to their routine almost immediately, but always taking into account some recommendations, at least for a month.

At that time you should not drink alcohol, tobacco or caffeine.

In addition, the patient must change their sleeping habit and the results can be seen after six months. After one year, the person will wear an abundant hair.

This method has marked advantages with respect to the consumption of products, drugs or home remedies destined to end alopecia, to begin with, it does work.


People who have already undergone this type of treatment, can attest that if it works and fights baldness effectively.

The extraction of follicular units allows doctors to completely cure alopecia in different areas of the body.

One of the advantages that patients like most is that the scars are mines and even imperceptible.

None of the techniques used leave visible marks on the scalp, and less if a tall haircut is used.

This is thanks to the technological advances that each technique uses to remove and implant the hair follicles.

In addition, the aforementioned elements guarantee rapid wound healing, especially if the FUE technique is used with sapphire, whose blade makes precise cuts and the trauma is significantly less.

When performing surgery, doctors recommend a 24-hour rest, however, compliance with this is not entirely necessary. You can return to daily activities almost immediately.

Another point in favor and not least, is the psychological impact of hair transplant for people.

Many men feel intimidated and insecure about their baldness.

But when you see hair where there was not before, your self-esteem begins to grow, as does your interaction with the outside world.

The only negative, for some, that has hair transplant, is that its results are not as immediate as some wish, but this process guarantees that grafted hair will grow naturally and will not fall out.

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