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International Clinic

Capilclinic is a specialized clinic in Hair Graft founded in Europe with the aim of offering the best hair treatments on the market to patients.

In CapilClinic we have clinics in Spain (Barcelona), Turkey (Istanbul) and Mexico headquarters.






Send us your pictures and we will send you your FREE personal assessment:

To make a personalized assessment of your case we need you to send us photos of your head:of the two lateral ones, superior, frontal and of the back part.

  • The rear is the most important because it is where most of the grafts are extracted, in the case that it is their solution.
  • It is advisable that someone take the photos because, if you make them yourself, they usually do not look good.
  • The lighting has to be good.
  • It is not necessary to do them with wet hair.

You can send the photos to the email indicating your name as subject or by WhatsApp at  +525617081982 

(The photos will only be shared with the medical team, so they can study your case; in no case will they be shared or disseminated online without your consent.

You can check our privacy policy at: )

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