Min Time FUE


The traditional methods of hair transplantation with the FUE technique perform the extraction / insertion of the follicles without making any previous quality classification or taking into account the time that the follicles are outside the body.

Based on a follicular unit study, Dr. Limmer established that the out-of-body survival time of transplanted follicles is completely predictable, decreasing by up to 2.5% every hour.

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    Survival time

    120 min

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    240 min

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    360 min

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    The longer a follicle is kept outside the body, the more likely it is that implantation will fail.
    We have created the MIN TIME FUE method, designed to keep the follicles outside the body as short as possible during each operation, to ensure the best results.

    We classify the follicles during the extraction process and implant them according to the duration of their extraction.
    The average time that the follicles are out of the scalp never exceeds 120 minutes, so the chances of success are always greater.

    We carry out a capillary distribution in a non-homogeneous way, according to the morphology of each patient, to obtain the maximum possible density with a natural result. This allows us to place more follicles per square centimeter.

    Professional team

    In addition to the classification and implantation process that allows us to deliver results with a probability of success of up to 99%, we have one of the best teams of health professionals specialized in hair transplantation in the world.

    We follow the evolution of the transplant both in person and remotely, to verify that the evolution is indeed the desired one.