Hair transplantation is a method used to treat alopecia, the results of which can be observed after eight months or even one year.

Although the time is “a lot” for some patients, that is what is estimated to reach the final result, but, after 3 to 6 months of having done the hair graft, improvement can be seen in the transplanted area.

That is why specialists recommend quitting smoking or reducing nicotine consumption in the days before surgery, as well as stopping the intake of any anticoagulant such as aspirin heparin, vitamins, among others.

On the day of treatment, the patient should go with a haircut greater than 1 centimeter.

After surgery, the scalp may show swelling, but usually disappears on the sixth day. At the end of the month of the transplant, the implanted area may remain slightly red.

Then, some transplanted hair will start to fall out, but this should not be cause for alarm, it is normal.

That indicates that the growth phrase is starting.

After two months of surgery, hair will start to come out and the appearance of the implant will improve considerably.

At three or four months, the patient will observe the appearance of their new hair. This period varies from patient to patient, but the average is three months.

At first, the hair is usually thin, but over time the thickness will increase. Acne is another agent that could appear in the transplanted area, but it is normal, it is a sign of the growth of new hair.

It is advisable not to touch or exploit the beans.

After the fifth month, the person will notice an important hair bud, five to seven centimeters long and begin to thicken.

The hair graft will begin to give favorable results from the eighth and tenth months, since a great difference will be noticed. It is estimated that 85 percent of the hair should have left by then.

The hair will be thicker and longer, and this would be the definitive result.

After 12 months of hair transplant

After spending the year after having performed the hair transplant, the patient can enjoy the final result. The hair he always wanted.

If the patient plans to have a haircut, he should not implement a machine for at least one year.

The specialists affirm that the time required to observe the results is the ideal one, because it makes the process even more natural, in addition to allowing the person to get used to their new look.

Hair transplant care also has a great influence on hair growth. If a person maintains a healthy appearance, with the recommended care, he will obtain more satisfactory results.

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