Hair transplant is a procedure that has become the most effective way of getting hair back to your balding head. This is one that might appear mysterious to some people. Even if it’s not mysterious, the process is one that gets you asking questions about how it works.

The place of hair transplant in the hair regrowth field cannot be overstated. Hair transplant has been at the centre of hair regeneration, as it offers the most effective hair treatment services that help you to address your hair gaps. Many people across the world troop down to the hair transplant hot-spots to get their hair transplant services.

If you are looking towards getting a hair transplant, one thing you want to know is how the procedure works. If you will be spending an expensive amount of a hair transplant, you sure want to know everything about the process from top to bottom. This will help you prepare yourself and make more informed decisions.

The Two Procedures Of Hair Transplant

Understanding how hair transplant works starts with the understanding of the procedures involved. These procedures are the major methods through which the hair transplant can be carried out. Therefore, to have a deft understanding of the step-by-step process to how hair transplant works, you must understand the procedures upon which the hair transplant is based.

The two major procedures used during hair transplant are Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The best clinics in the USA are vast with these two procedures even though FUE is now the common one. Typically, these procedures will take between 4 to 8 hours.

Follicular Unit Extraction

This is the popular technique used across various clinics in the US. The technique has received a wide recognition because of its efficiency and its acceptability by many surgeons.

During this procedure, the doctor will remove hair grafts from the back of the head, which is the area that always contains many hair grafts. The surgeon will create holes in the area where hair is needed such that the area is ready to receive the hair transplant. Following that, the surgeon will introduce the hair graft into the holes. This is essentially the process of the FUE technique.

After the transplant, the operation area will be cleaned to prevent infection. That signifies the end of the procedure itself before other things set in.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

The FUT surgery involves the cutting of a strip of your skin. This will come from the back of your head where hair graft is abundant. Following that, the surgeon will extract hair grafts from the strip of skin and proceed to make holes in the balding area of your head.

The hair grafts will be implanted into the balding area. This procedure is best suited for receding hairlines. It might not be the best for general hair loss or intense hair loss.

How Does Hair Transplant Work?

Hair transplant is a procedure that can be broken down into various stages. It is the accumulation of all of these stages that form the hair transplant itself.

Before Hair Transplant

There is a stage before the hair transplant itself takes place. It is the stage where you have the consultation stage. The aim of the consultation is to gain insights into the hair needs of the clients in a bid to devise the best approach to serving the hair needs.

This process is crucial because it is also the period through which the surgeons let the client know of all the details involved with the process. This will give you the knowledge on what you’re getting started with. The consultation process can be had over a live chat or it can be done after you land at the location.

Following your chat with a surgeon at the clinic you’re looking forward to, you will need to examine the clinic you want to visit and check for proximity. Also, consider the prices of the place you’re heading to. Some of the factors that determine pricing include the location of the clinic, the technology and facilities used by the clinic, and the expertise of the surgeon.

Hair transplant surgeons are more expensive than one another. So, all these are things you need to consider before choosing a clinic and making flight arrangements.

During The Hair Transplant

After you arrive at the location of the hair transplant, you’ll be lodged in a hotel from where you’ll proceed to your clinic every time you have a session. The crux of this part is in the procedure itself. As highlighted above, there are two hair transplant procedures that can be used during hair transplant. While FUT is also usable, it is not as common as FUE, because FUT is restricted and more specialized for serving the purpose of receding hairlines.

During the transplant, the surgeon speaks to you before getting you into the surgery room. The surgeon will use the right tools to extract hair grafts from your head. Here, the surgeon will pay attention to the back of your head, which is often the part that has many hair grafts.

After getting the hair graft, the surgeon will move it to the balding part where hair is lacking. To introduce the hair grafts into your head, the surgeon will make holes in the balding part, and introduce the hair grafts into the holes.

After all the required hair grafts have been transferred. The surgeon will clean up the operation area with the right solution to keep you safe from infection. The surgeon will also use bandages.

After The Hair Transplant

After you complete the procedure, you’ll have to visit the clinic for a check-up and to get the necessary instructions from your surgeon.

The days and months following the procedure will require that you be prepared. Understand that the hair that grows initially will either wither away. But this should not get you worried, as it is a normal thing. After about six months, you’ll begin to see noticeable growth. This is how the hair will gradually become a part of you.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how hair transplants work and what to do when you need to get one is an essential thing to know. With this article, we have taken you through a step by step process, thereby offering you all you need to know about hair transplant.

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